Click to see the song list! Released May 6th at Six Shooter Junction in Waco, Lorna's debut  I Feel Good With the Blues features a swingin' band that moves easily through a variety of material.  The cd pays tribute to traditional artists from 'Big Mama' Thornton to contemporary band Roomful of Blues.

Hip vocals, originals and famous retakes flirting with jazz, rock and blues make for a recording that will appeal to everyone.


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                                             I Feel Good With the Blues 




KRCL Red, White and Blues dj John Rokich included "I Feel Good With the Blues" as a top twenty release for the new millennium!


WOXY's Blues Breakfast dj "Blues Momma" Barb named the song Good Girl Feeling Blue as a Best of the Blues 2001!


"A great choice of tunes, well-produced, and Lorna's superb vocals make this a 'must-have' album."

         - Dave Miller, North of the Border Entertainment Guide


"We be diggin' this fine cd on Eight to the Bar." Les Tarr, KMFB


"I Feel Good With the Blues is a swingin' piece of work...music for everybody's liking"

        - Vicente "Harmonica" Zumel, La Hora Del Blues


"There's something good on each and every track, and even if it's flavored with a pinch of jazz, sass or just plain attitude.  I Feel Good With the Blues feels right at home in my Texas blues collection."

        - Eric Steiner, Cosmik Debris



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Lorna Willhelm Vocals                James Gulley       

                                                                          Carrie Malone

                                                                              Amy Williams

                                                                              Harmony Vocals


                 Dick Gimble Bass Guitar                  

                                                                         Ken Frazier Guitar 


Bill Howard Keyboards                                                                           



       Rob Page Alto and Tenor Saxophone                     Larry Rochelle Drums 



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