A Guide to Playing Roulette Pro from NetEnt

Roulette Pro by Net Entertainment, not to be confused with the many other versions of online roulette, is an online roulette game available now for desktop computer, tablet, and mobile phone. It is most well known for being one of very few online casino games that actively give players a better chance of winning, showing critical information as a built in part of the game.

These special features are complimented by exceptional graphics, immersive sounds design, and a highly intuitive user interface. Pleasant lounge music plays throughout the game, encouraging the illusion that the player is in a swanky casino, while the straight forward what you see is what you get interface design makes placing bets a pleasure.

Straight Forward Roulette

Reinventing the wheel, or trying to turn roulette into an entirely new game, is not advisable, especially given the fact that every casino game player and his dog knows the basic rules of roulette. Hence Roulette Pro itself is exactly as would be expected, following all the standard rules of roulette. Player’s place bets, spin the wheel, and win based which pocket the white ball lands in. In terms of visual design, the game has the player looking out over the table and wheel via a convenient isometric viewpoint.

The various bets are seen on the right of the play area, and roulette wheel on the left. Bets are placed by simply clicking, or tapping the desired bet, and are cleared via a button located at the bottom of the screen. When bets have been placed the spin button may be tapped to trigger the spinning animation. Note that a quick spin feature ignores the animation and will give an instant result, which is time saving, but very immersion breaking. Like in some other casino games at https://onlinecasinogambling.me/online-casino-games/roulette, the music in Roulette Pro may be turned off at any time via the button at the bottom left.

Hot and Cold Numbers

The outstanding feature of Roulette Pro is the hot and cold number system. This involves an extra window located in the bottom left of the screen, which shows the four numbers that have been most common during the life of the digital roulette wheel, and the four numbers that have been least common. The most common, stylised to appear as if they are on fire, are referred to as the hot numbers, and a player may quickly bet on all of these hot numbers by simply clicking them in the window.

The same system is used with the least common numbers, which all appear as if they are lodged in ice. Below the hot and cold numbers are statistics for odds and evens, showing precisely how often either of the betting options has been landed via a handy percentage counter. This special feature system does, of course, raise questions as to whether the game is actively encouraging gambler’s fallacy, and inverse gambler’s fallacy, but the mere fact this information is provided to the player is a feather in the cap for Net Entertainment, who are well known for going the whole nine yards in the creation of their casino games.