A List of the Biggest Casino Moguls in The World

There’s no denying that gambling can be quite a lucrative hobby if you play your cards right, but with every major pay-out, we sometimes forget that there’s an even bigger winner when it comes to gambling.

For your favourite casino to be established, a group of people would have needed to come together to plan the concept and fund the actual build and development of the project. As with any business venture and investment, the end goal is ultimately to make a profit and receive a decent return on investment.

To illustrate just how lucrative owning a casino can be, we’ve found some of the richest casino moguls from around the world.

10 Of The Richest Casino Moguls

  1. Sheldon Adelson

Net worth: $40.2 billion

At the top of our lists is the world’s 19th richest person, 84-year-old Sheldon Adelson. Don’t let his age fool you, he is still very much involved and is currently the CEO of Las Vegas Sands Corporation.

  1. Lui Che-woo

Net worth: $11 billion

91-year-old Lui Che-woo is the second richest man in Hong Kong, and as his age implies, he has experienced quite a lot in his time. Although he is still actively involved in the gambling industry, his interest in the construction industry has become more of a priority lately.

  1. Johann Graf

Net worth: $6.6 billion

Other than his estimated net worth, not much is known about this Austrian gambling big shot.

  1. Pansy Ho
    Net worth: $6.4 billion

Pansy Ho is the only woman on our list, and although most of her wealth has come from gambling, she is currently banned from running and gambling-related businesses as a result of her father’s alleged link to organised crime.

  1. Kunio Busujima

Net worth: $4.2 billion

Kunio Busujima owns a pachinko machine making business, and back in the early days, he even spent time making the machines.

  1. Han Chang-u

Net worth: $4.1 billion

89-year-old Han Chang-u also spent time building pachinko machines. Some even say that together with Kunio Busujima, he helped to shape China’s economic future.

  1. Kirk Kerkorian

Net worth: $4 billion

Kirk Kerkorian is regarded as the King of Las Vegas and is said to be the reason behind the city’s success.

  1. James Packer

Net worth: $3.8 billion

James Packer is the seventh man in Australia following a humble start at his father’s cattle business.

  1. Steve Wynn

Net worth: $3.4 billion

Steve Wynn was involved in the construction of many of Las Vegas’ most famous casinos that includes the Las Vegas and Atlantic City hotels.

  1. Lawrence Ho

Net worth: $1.47 billion

This game-changer is the youngest mogul on our list, and we look forward to following his journey in the gambling world.

Life’s About Taking Chances

When it comes to launching a successful business, it’s a gamble – will it succeed, or will it fail? Our casino moguls took a chance, and their risks have been greatly rewarded.