A World Of Discovery Awaits In Thousand Islands Slot

If you’ve ever dreamed of setting sail on the seven seas to make new discoveries and uncover untold treasures, turn your dream into a reality with Thousand Islands online slot. This 3-reel, 1 payline slot from Microgaming offers you tried and tested classic game play and all the promise of maritime adventure – and its rewards.

Let yourself be enveloped by the oceanic backdrops in hues that recall sea mist aglow with lamplight, as the soundtrack encourages to embark upon the majestic vessel and seek the 1600 coin jackpot.

Plot Your Voyage To Riches

The seas have long held a fascination for people, and especially for those who heard upon the waves whispers of indescribable treasures.

This Microgaming title, played across 3 reels and 1 payline, makes use of classic fruit machine symbols on the reels. You will notice that these favoured symbols, including plentiful Cherries and Bars, have been given a fresh look, in keeping with the theme of the game. If you spin 3-of-a-kind Cherries or Bars, you’ll discover that they pay out very well indeed.

The 1000 symbol is the game’s Wild symbol. The 1000 symbol can be substituted for any other reel symbol to make up a winning combination. The Wild symbol will also increase your payout! A single 1000 symbol will double your payout, and two 1000 symbols will quadruple your winnings.

Set Sail And Win Big

For the explorers and fortune seekers of the past, sea voyages were fraught with perils, and much preparation was needed before they could fulfil their dreams. Microgaming’s Thousand Islands, unlike those early voyages of discovery, is easy to play – making it easy to win.

The ease of play makes it ideal for beginners for seasoned players who’d like to take to take a break from some of the overly-complicated slots out there. And if you’d like to add another dimension to the game, you can use the Expert mode to access the Autoplay feature.

Your Bounty Lies Over The Ocean

Your bounty lies over the sea, so set sail today and go claim it! Playing this classic online slot makes for smooth sailing, and puts fabulous treasures within your reach.

To play Thousand Islands, use the Increase and Decrease buttons to change the denominations of the coins you use in the game. If you click the Bet One button, you will start a new slot spin, and a single coin with your selected denomination will be bet.

When you click the Bet Max button, you will start a new spin with a bet of the maximum number of coins, which in this game is two coins per line. Remember that three of a kind symbols like Cherries and Bars pay handsomely, while three 1000 Wild symbols will bring in that wonderful 1600 coin jackpot!

Captain Your Ship Of Dreams

The captains of the vessels that sailed on to new worlds and new riches laid down the law when need be, and Thousand Islands’ Expert mode lets you do just that – take charge.

Once you’ve clicked through to the Expert mode, you will be able to choose the number of autoplay spins from numbers including the figures 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250 and 500. You can also set the delays, from 0.25 to 2 seconds between autoplay spins with this feature.