An Exclusive Introduction to Lucky Pirates Online Slot

This slot game from Playson has got a rather unique theme that has been set across its 5 reels. As the title suggests, there is a focus on those swashbuckling seamen of old that would traverse the sees looking for treasure to plunder. However in this Lucky Pirates slot this is all done up in fruit, which is to say that the pirates found on these reels may be rather more edible than players might have expected. The game has some nice detail and artwork as a result of this rather wacky theme though and on the reels the appearance of this slot looks pretty good.

There are 5 reels and 9 pay lines in this Lucky Pirates slot, meaning that as an online video slot it is rather simple at the base game level. This is actually a recurring theme in this slot, with the majority of the focus directed to the gameplay and theme as opposed to additional features. There is some betting options of course, allowing players a fair degree of choice in selecting an overall total stake for each spin. This slot’s simple nature means that instead of bonus features, players have a gamble option, to afford them potentially better return from the base game.

The Fruity Pirate Theme on the Reels

Whatever Playson meant when they constructed this theme based upon some fruity pirates we may never know, but the effect is evident and the appearance rather notable. Since this is often a more serious theme, that of pirates, this more comical avenue through which to portray it is rather refreshing and with the soft graphics and easy colours the game has a good atmosphere on the reels. There are sound effects involved that highlight the more comical take that this Lucky Pirates slot has undergone with this theme whilst also taking note of the events on the reels through stark and excitement inducing sound effects. The backdrop is of a restless wide open ocean.

The symbols on the reels of Lucky Pirates slot definitely do the theme of the game a solid justification, bringing alive the fruity buccaneers themselves on the reels in a colourful and cartoonish fashion. Just a few of the symbols players can expect to find on the reels of this online slot include grinning oranges, blueberries, plums, watermelons, lemons and more. These pirate fruit appear quite jovial on the reels, and one pauses to ponder on whether it’s because they’ll be some of the first pirates not to get scurvy or perhaps it’s because of the treasures that are hidden out at sea.

The Lucky Pirates Bonuses

As mentioned above, this Lucky Pirates slot game doesn’t have any real bonus features, instead directing the focus, both of the players and the development to the gameplay on the reels and of course the colourful theme. This lack of bonuses can be detrimental to certain slots at modern sites, but the appeal of this game circumvents this a bit, as players finding the rest of the game enjoyable will likely be able to overlook such a downside.

Additionally, there is a gamble feature available on this Lucky Pirates slot which can allow players a chance to double up their winnings made after each successful spin on the reels.