An Overview of Bell of Fortune Online Slots Game

Bell of Fortune is a video slots game produced by Play N Go. Unlike many other slot development companies you will find online, Play N Go are one of the smaller players in the field and do not offer their own casino platform. What they do instead is they lease their games out to casinos using other software platforms. Bell of Fortune itself is a simple slot game with a classic fruit theme. The backdrop of the game is a basic blue screen with the game’s logo proudly blazoned across the top of the screen. Gold coins surround the logo and sparkle throughout the game.

Fruit and Bells

Like many other classic slots games, the sounds of a casino floor can be heard in the background giving the game more of authentic slot feel. When you spin the reels a burst of sound emanates from the machine accompanied by some cheesy music as the reels click into their final resting positon. On the reels you will find a host of fruit themed symbols including strawberries, plumbs, oranges and the bell itself. Because of the simplicity of the game, the complete paytable is displayed on the main screen making it easy to determine which winning combination pays out the most coins.

A Simple Classic

In keeping with the simple nature of the game, Bell of Fortune is a 3-reel single payline slot with a wild symbol and no other additional features. Players who are expecting scatter symbols, free spins and maybe a bonus round will be disappointed. This is however the perfect game for those who want to go back to basics and play a classic slot game with no distractions from the game play itself. In this game players have the options of playing with 1, 2 or 3 coins. Playing with three coins is the key to winning the game’s progressive jackpot.

Wild Symbols and Progressive Jackpots

In Bell of Fortune, the Bell acts as the game’s wild symbol. This means that the bell can be used to substitute for any other symbol on the reels to make up a winning payline. The bell is also the highest paying symbol in the game. Playing with a single coin, players will be rewarded with 800 coins when landing all three bells across the reels. Playing with two coins will see the coin prize increase to 1600 coins and playing with all three coins will activate the game’s progressive jackpot prize.

Back to Basics

In many ways Bell of Fortune is a game built for beginners and fans of classic no-nonsense slots. Players just starting out will be happy to know that the game offers a demo mode in order before playing for real money. There are no special features associated with this game. The most the game can offer is an autoplay mode that is standard across most slots at this stage. Players looking for entertaining graphics, great sound effects and a decent number of bonus features will be disappointed in the simplicity of the game and would probably be better off trying one of the bigger slots on offer.