Caribbean Stud Poker Basics and Guide

Caribbean Stud Poker Basics

Caribbean Stud poker is an action-style poker game with a video poker pay table that is ideal for the mobile casino playing mind-set. There is increasing demand for games that are shorter and faster across the entire gaming portfolio and this is exemplified by the game of Caribbean Stud.

Shorter games that consist of purely high-action moments, and leave out all the time consuming waiting, betting, thinking and drawing of cards have grown in popularity in direct proportion to the expansion in mobile play.

The growth of mobile access to everything has led to a re-orientation of gaming software development in order to satisfy this burgeoning market. Caribbean Stud is symptomatic of this evolution and the fact that everything seems to be speeding up.

Describing the Game of Caribbean Stud

The game of Caribbean Stud can be played by up to seven players. There is a single dealer and the game utilises a standard 52 card pack with no jokers. The basic format of this casino game is a direct one on one game versus the dealer. Other players’ cards have no bearing on the game.

The objective of Caribbean Stud is to beat the dealer. Any player that achieves this will receive their initial bet, or ante, paid out at 1:1, as well as their bet money paid out video poker style at the Caribbean Stud casino pay table rates.

The criteria within this objective are that the dealers’ hand must contain at least one ace or king in order to qualify. Should the dealer not qualify then, irrespective of the hand dealt, the players’ ante bet is paid out at even money but the wager bet is carried over.

Should the dealers’ hand contain the minimum requirements, then the dealers’ hand is compared to the players’ hand in the standard poker game showdown way. In the event, then, of the dealer having the better hand, the player will lose both his ante as well as the bet wager. Players need to learn how to maximise their wins, and reduce their losses at their favourite online casino, because both are part and parcel of the Caribbean Stud game.

Describing Caribbean Stud Poker Online

Strategic Nuances in This Game

Caribbean Stud played online or on mobile is a high intensity game. Play is directly against the banker in two rounds of betting. Each round of this game is concluded relatively quickly, a factor that suits shorter game time opportunities such as tea breaks or standing in a queue.

Like blackjack, Caribbean Stud can be enjoyed either as a downloadable Canadian casino online game, or played instantly at casinos through the browser. The attractions of the game are that it is largely based on luck and contains a large element of risk, given that players make a decision based purely on their hand and knowing a single card in the dealers’ hand.

The Caribbean Stud risk factor is offset by the pay table odds. This contributes to the lucrative video poker jackpots that make the game so attractive. A Full House, for instance, pays out at 7 to 1, and the best hand, a Royal Flush pays out at 200 to 1. This may vary and players are encouraged to look for the best available odds as this can make a significant difference.

Poker sites have intrinsically a thoroughly exciting card game, and the reason video poker is so popular. This new format, Caribbean Stud, is characteristic of modern game play trends and has created many a new video poker aficionado.