Fruit Warp Slot Review and Guide Online for Players

Online slots are taken to a new level in Thunderkick’s Fruit Warp. While this game offers wins for three or more of the same fruit, it features neither win lines nor reels, as such.

The appeal of the game doesn’t begin and end with its unique format, however. The nine fruit that appear on the screen at warp speed could also bring players bigger and bigger wins, as well as trigger various bonus features.

Visuals and Sound

Fruit Warp online slots opens with a 3D animation introductory clip of fruit rocketing through a time warp before coming to rest on the screen.

The playing screen is green with what appears to be air bubbles floating about gently, and the individual fruit is brilliantly animated.

The whole experience is accompanied by a cheerful soundtrack that includes various bells and whistles for wins and bonus features.

Fruit Warp Playing Options

Like some internet pokies in NZ at, Fruit Warp online slots offer different playing options, including regular basic gameplay, as well as options for customising the game.

At its most basic, the player will need to select one of the various wagering amounts for that spin, and then select the play button.

Among the customisable settings is an autoplay feature that allows for five, 10, 25, 50 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2500, or 5000 games to be played automatically. Other settings include altering the game speed, switching the game control to your keyboard’s space bar, disabling the game introduction, and changing various sound and volume settings.

Symbol Fruit Salad

The nine fruit that appear on the screen of Fruit Warp pay out differently. Payouts also vary according to how many of the same fruit appear on the screen.

The fruit symbols used in this game include a dragon fruit, a kiwano melon, a star fruit, an orange, a strawberry, grapes, a banana, a cherry, and a plum.

Of these, the highest paying is the dragon fruit, followed by the kiwano melon and the star fruit. If these appear the maximum of nine times on the screen, they will pay 216 times, 45 times, and 42 times the bet, respectively.

Fruit Warp Portal Re-Spin

When four of the same fruit appear on the screen, Fruit Warp’s Portal re-spin will be activated.

This means that the four of a kind fruit will remain on the screen, while the other five are removed.

Five new fruit symbols will be hurtled in the player’s direction, and if more of the original four fruit appear, it could push the payout higher.

Five of a Kind Fruit Mode

Fruit Warp online slots’ second bonus feature, Fruit Mode, will be activated when five of the same fruit appear on the screen.

When this happens, a scale will appear in the lower part of the screen. As the player progresses along the scale as more of the same fruit appear, they will collect multipliers for their winnings.

It is also possible to collect a token that allows the player a spin in which the activating fruit symbol does not need to appear.