Making Online Bets on the British Open with Guide

The British Open, known simply in the UK as the Open Championship, is one of the oldest golfing events, having first started in 1860 in Scotland.

The British Open is very popular amongst online sports bettors due to the quality of the golfers that are competing and the high stakes wagers that form part of the event.

The British Open is held every year, attracting over 150 players to the 4 day event. Online sports betting sites keep players fully informed with regards to the results, odds ad statistics.

The wealth of information available online means that players can always make decisions based on fact, rather than random guesses.

The Top Wager Options

There are three major medals and a trophy up for grabs at the British Open, making for some great bets. There is a gold, silver and bronze medal to award to the top three players, along with the Golf Champion Trophy, also known by its other name, the Claret Jug.

There are also three more minor awards that are limited to players either born in the UK or who are PGA members. These awards are the Ryle Memorial Medal, The Braid Taylor Memorial Award and the Tooting Bec Cup.

Making real money online sports wagers on which players walk away with these awards can be done at online sports betting sites in a variety of currencies.

Competitors and Future Wagers

The British Open allows over 150 players to compete. There are 26 different qualifying exemptions.

Wagering on the British Open can start before the event with futures wagers placed on which players will qualify for the tournament.

Online Betting is on Par

You can make wagers on the British Open at safe online golf betting sites. Many people still feel a bit unsure about making online wagers, but today the best sports betting sites are even more safe than they have ever been.

All the top online betting sites make use of modern encryption technology. They want to keep their user’s details as private as you do since any breach of a site’s security will have immense repercussions with regards to customer retention and brand name.

Sports book sites do their utmost best to provide a safe betting environment to their players.

Getting the Best Odds

Because online sports betting costs are relatively low, you will often find that the sites offer very competitive wager odds, this means that making British Open wagers online, from a statistically point of view, is essential for the best results and the best payouts.

Variety is the Name of the Game

The variety of possible wagers on the British Open increases with each site you visit. You will of course find the standard single bet wagers, like who will win each medal and who will come out on top at the event at pretty much all online bookmakers.

What you will also find, which most gamblers have come to love about online sports bookmakers is the more unique and unusual wagers offered by these sites.

They can include what clothes a certain golfer will wear, which golfer will lose their patience on the greens and for instance which player will end up with the worst score.