Play Blackjack at Internet Casinos in New Zealand!

Your online blackjack NZ experience is waiting for you. Real dollar wagering, great casino bonuses and unparalleled convenience will have you coming back for more.

Each day more and more casino fans are finding out how beneficial online table gaming can be. Favourable odds, great advice and completely free software makes online blackjack NZ a no brainer.

Wager in New Zealand Dollars

Online blackjack NZ features New Zealand dollar wagering, but always make sure the casino you wish to join accepts these dollars.

Casinos accept many currencies but mainly the currencies that feature in their target market. American dollars and the Euro as well as the Pound is usually accepted at most casinos.

No Shortage of Great Variants

Online blackjack NZ is in no way limited to traditional games. There are many variants and rule sets online so that you can find just the right experience for your skill level and budget.

Online casino blackjack variants are all free to play so it won’t cost you anything to try some new variants on this classic table game.

Many blackjack games can also be played on your Smartphone so you can have real money table gaming action anywhere your phone is.

Spanish 21 and Super Fun 21

Spanish 21 is what many believe to be the original inspiration for blackjack. In this blackjack NZ variant, all the 10 cards have been taken out of the playing deck.

In this game you can double down on any card and you can also make a late surrender. Additionally there are more minor rule variants that can vary between games.

Super Fun 21 is basically an anything goes, player focused blackjack variant. One major difference is that there is a round of placing your bets before any cards are dealt.

There are no specific rules or limits to doubling down, surrendering, or hitting and standing on any hand dealt. Additionally a player’s blackjack will always top the dealer’s blackjack.

Double Exposure and Switch

Double Exposure and Switch blackjack keep the core rules intact with a unique variation on the general blackjack NZ rules.

In Switch, a player will receive 4 cards to make two hands. You can then switch one card from each hand. With Double Exposure the dealer’s first two cards are dealt face up to the players.


A popular game in the Pacific, Pontoon, is quite similar to Spanish 21 in that the 10’s have all been removed from the deck. This blackjack NZ variant also has all Aces count as 1.

Additionally, there is no hole card. They dealer’s cards will remain hidden until the end of the round.

The Benefits of Online Casino Play

The main benefits of playing online blackjack NZ is of course the convenience on offer. You can play at home or using a laptop or Smartphone at places like

If you feel you will miss the atmosphere of a land based casino, why not try playing a live dealer table. A real dealer will host a game for players in a professional studio via a streaming live feed.