The Craziest Slots Machine Themes

You walk into a casino and your sense of sight is immediately assaulted by the billion bright lights of all the slot machines on the floor. Walking around you try and find the one that you like the most and wait your turn to play. Then out of the corner of your eye, you see a slot machine that has a theme so bizarre that it captivates you immediately. It is love at first sight and you simply have to play it.

Slot machines have been around for a very long time and at the core, they are all much the same. Images spin round to come to a halt and form a certain number of matches that determine their pay-out. It is the theme of the machine that attracts you to play it or not. From Tarzan to Egypt, these themes spread across all genres. But some themes take the take and stand out from the rest. They are in a word, crazy.

Planet Exotica

Nudity and gambling games go almost hand in hand. The two have coexisted for an incredibly long time. What sets this game apart from your regular strip slot machines is that the girls that will be doing the stripping for you, are not human. They are in fact aliens. On bonus rounds, you need to match up items of clothing and if you match up 3 of the same, the alien girl will remove that item. But be careful, there are bouncers that look almost like Labradors and they do not want you to succeed. Star Wars will never be the same again.


As you may have guessed this weird slot machine is created to be a replica of the 2013 movie and its subsequent follow up movies. Sharks are lifted out of the water through tornados and then go on a killing rampage on land. Just the very idea of it is already crazy. When this happens during your calm gameplay, helicopters fly over the screen and start to drop bombs. The craziness spirals out of hand as wild cards appear and everything is turned all over the screen due to tornados and bombs. As low budget as the movie and yet just as entertaining. A crazy surprise.

Cash n Curry

Yes, you read that correctly, Cash n Curry. When confronted with a name like Cash n Curry, one would expect the game to have an Indian curry theme to it. Perhaps the spinning icons could be chilli and chickens. Yes, even though that in itself would be crazy, it is even crazier that the icons used for this game has nothing to do with curry. In fact, they are the same icons used for your regular, classic, old faithful, slot machine. Probably the most curry related imagery and also the craziest, is the man in the background, that literally explodes from eating curry.

As crazy as what these games sound, if you see them in your casino, do yourself the favour and play them, even if it is simply for the entertainment factor of staring at the crazy theme.